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St Keyne and Trewidland Parish Council

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Salt & Grit Bins - how to use them

The parish council has 9 salt bins across the parish that residents can use to clear any public path, pavement or road if the ground is icy or if you think itís going to freeze over. Itís not for people to use on their own private driveway, garden path or business premises.

Tips to assist you clear snow and ice from near your property

  • It is always easier to remove fresh snow and ice before it compacts and gets cold. If snow has fallen during the night, remove it in the morning so any sun will melt the remaining snow. If you put salt on the snow, it will melt ice and stop the snow turning to ice during the night.
  • The salt you use to melt the snow can just be ordinary table or dishwasher salt. You donít need much, just use a few tablespoons for each square metre of snow. You can put some on a trowel and just sprinkle it around or use a salt spreader. You donít need too much, using extra is just a waste as a small amount can normally do the job effectively. Remember if you donít have any salt, you could use sand or ash instead, but these tend not to be as good at melting snow.
  • Donít use water on the snow, use salt or sand. If you use water, it could refreeze and turn to black ice which is very dangerous.
  • Be extra careful when you are clearing steep paths, it is important to use more salt on these areas as the gradient makes them more dangerous to walk on.
  • The best way to clear snow from your driveway is to clear a section down the middle so you have a path to walk down. This will prevent accidents and allow you to be more effective at clearing the remaining snow.
  • Always put snow in verges not in front gardens and avoid drainage gullies.

Salt & Grit FAQs

12th December 2023